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Happy to be collaborating with Welcome to the Table for my first two shows in May at Barbes. My pal Ellen Shaw talks a little bit about the great work she and WtT do on behalf of our immigrant neighbors.

What is Welcome to the Table?

Welcome to the Table is a volunteer effort to raise money to subsidize immigration application fees.  It's really expensive to renew DACA status ($495 every two years) and work permits ($495 yearly) and to apply for a "green card" ($1225) or citizenship ($725).  A lot of our neighbors struggle to afford these fees,  and some have been forced to let their status in this country lapse as a result.

How did you get involved?

Just after the 2016 election, there was a big community meeting organized by City Council Member Brad Lander and hosted by Rabbi Rachel Timoner at Congregation Beth Elohim.  One of the speakers was from New York Immigration Coalition.  She mentioned that there are many people who are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship but have not because they cannot afford the application fee.  Amidst all the overwhelming challenges, this felt like a fixable problem. 

What have your learned through working with WttT?

We have great neighbors!  This includes the amazing people at our partner organizations, Center for Family Life ( and Atlas DIY (, who support immigrants in our community through education, advocacy, legal services and business development.  It also includes the dozens of individuals and businesses - including you! - who have hosted Welcome to the Table events. 

Is there anything else you want to add?

Anyone can be a part of this!  And we'll help at every step. 

Email us: or go to

One more thing!   We got a matching grant so if any of your fans want to make a donation, they can use this link